Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something Wrong With The Weather Bureau's Gauge?

I wonder. It has rained for practically the whole day. People coming into work this morning were complaining about it having poured on them. Luckily I started a little earlier and missed it all. It was pizzling in the morning and came down a bit more strongly, with a good deal of wind mind you, when we went for our lunch time walk. We even took umbrellas and waterproof jackets with us but cut the walk short. All afternoon it continued to rain. All evening it has rained. And still the weather bureau tells me that Perth has had only 12.8mm (1/2") of precipitation in the 12 hours since 9am. Rubbish! The rain has been quite a bit heavier than 1mm/hr. I can remember only one other time where it rained all day and that day had a minimum temperature of 10 degrees C and a maximum of only 11 degrees C. Diurnal range of 1 degree Celsius is almost unheard of.

I wonder if their rainfall gauge is broken.


Anonymous said...

Send it our way!! It is hotter than hell Hammy!!!

Iris Flavia said...

Yips, here, too! :-) Sun, sun, sun!!!

BTW... Trabbi... you may be too "young" and too far away .... were cars made of the cheapest material you can think of. They were one of two series you could choose from in East Germany (as far as I know) and it was nearly-suicide for those guys later to drive these "papier mâché"-cars in West Germany.
We, on the other hand, were so afraid to bump into them because... we could kill them at once!

Now these cars are kinda vintage cars. They had to wait over 10 years for one in East Germany, too (not joking).

Hammy said...

Iris, I've spent some time in Halle an der Saale previously so I've seen them around. So embarrassing that they're funny.