Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mouse 1 - Human 0

After two rounds it is Mouse 1 - Human 0. Miky noticed a mouse on the loose in the house recently. Try saying that if you're Scottish. I've seen a bit of mouse poo around too and so it was time to set a trap.

Firstly I put a piece of bread in the trap. Nothing too difficult to remove and it was unlikely to set the trap off. More a method to obtain proof that a mouse was in the house. Sure enough, next morning the bread was gone. Round 1 to the mouse.

Last night I set the trap with some almond. Don't know what it is with nuts, mice seem partial to peanut butter, but it is attractive bait. And I announced to the family that "Tonight we shall catch a mouse." It filled my heart with joy to see the mousetrap upside down this morning. "Yes", I thought to myself, "I've got one." It was only after turning the trap over that I noticed it didn't have a captured mouse but the bait was still there. Round 2 was a draw.

Bit like a boxing match, isn't it? I still plan to win by knockout. I'm not in this for a points decision.


Anonymous said...

This one is smart. You may need one of those sticky (more expensive traps) that glue it to the trap. They love cheap meats like hotdogs. Beware they carry a new killer virus. Good luck. Me I used the teal bait you buy that they love to eat.

Anonymous said...

Does the mouse or the trap have the virus?

Anonymous said...

The mouse. The virus can kill too. They also love metal objects.