Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Lights In Consulate Court, Thornlie

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I'd heard that the Christmas lights on houses in Consulate Court in Thornlie were pretty spectacular. The boy and I headed down for a look just before dark on Saturday night. I parked a few hundred metres away from the street itself and later on was rather glad that I did because the number of cars blocking the surrounding streets was phenomenal.

We were treated to an amazing display of Christmas lights. The people in that street really go to town. They also raise money for Princess Margaret Hospital so I took my donation as well.

Christmas lights winning street sign for Consulate Court in Thornlie.

10 Consulate Court Christmas Lights

Christmas lights on a fountain in front of No. 10 Consulate Court.

11 Consulate Court Christmas Lights.

11 Consulate Court Christmas Lights II.

11 Consulate Court Christmas Lights III.

Well worth the trip down. I think the boy took more photos and video than I did!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. There is this filthy rich guy who has a huge house here. He has lights, Santa's sleigh complete with reindeer, Noel lights and every Christmas thing possible. It is amazing. I drove by and gave him a thumbs up!! Enjoy your light looking as much as we do!! Annette