Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Telstra Phonecard

Miky bought a phonecard a few weeks ago from a delicatessen. Our phone rang after she dialed but we were disconnected immediately. She took the phonecard back to the deli to complain and they didn't believe her. The owner even sent her son over to the phone to check it out. Finally, the owner gave Miky a Reply Paid envelope and form to fill out and send to Telstra for a refund.

Miky duly filled out the form and posted it. Some weeks later it was returned to us as the Phonecard Returns Department didn't reside at the address on the envelope. There was a phone number on the form and so I rang them only to receive the message that the phone number was incorrect and that I should check it and please try again. What sort of game are these bastards playing at?

I rang directory assistance and was promptly cut off when no phone number appeared on their system. After telephoning again to directory assistance I was given a 13 number - I rang it and followed all of the prompts to be transferred to said department. Rather bad luck that they only work 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays and I was calling on a weekend.

Finally, I remembered today to call them during business hours. I discovered that the Phonecard Returns Department has moved from Victoria, where the first envelope was addressed, to Adelaide and is now in Sydney. The envelope must have been at least four years old I was told. So, I am finally to the bottom of this problem.

Let's hope there is no more funny business.

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