Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Petrol Station

Last night I went to the petrol station to fill my car up. Fuelwatch told me that there was going to be a price hike the following day - well, I am a frugal bastard, and I wanted to save my money. Price hikes mean an increase of 10-12 cents per litre and seeing as I put 60 litres in normally, it is quite a saving. My local servo (service station) is a Woolworths + Plus Petrol.

I noticed the guy next to me wearing a BP (British Petroleum) workshirt. I put the nozzle in my car and turned around, letting go of the nozzle so that I could change hands. My plan was to say something smart like "Must be cheap if the opposition is buying their petrol here." That's when the nozzle fell out of the car and onto the ground. I bit my tongue and didn't say anything.

After I paid I mentioned to the petrol station attendant that the opposition was buying fuel from here. She said that they get their petrol from BP. Doh!

Makes you glad sometimes that you don't open your big mouth.

Frugal Bastard over and out.

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