Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Some News

I received a letter from Curtin University a few days ago. It seems that the project our group did for Information Systems Project 392, the most difficult subject I have ever done, was judged to be the most outstanding project. This means that the uni wants us to roll up at the Sheraton Hotel in the Grand Ballroom and receive a certificate along with a prize. Ok, I helped out as best I could but I'm afraid that I really need to thank my teammates for supplying the brains of the operation.

The interesting thing is that our lecturer wanted to enter us in a State-wide competition and a National competition. We were given only a few hours notice of this, well we knew about it but the preparation time was limited, and our entry was REJECTED. That left a slightly bad taste in the mouth but I think that it is ironic.

Until next time.

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