Monday, August 10, 2015

Europe Holiday 2015 - Day Six

Early morning walk around Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) as Miky wanted to photograph buildings without heaps of people blocking the view. Quite surprising to see the streets almost empty and quiet. Bought bread at Way Better Bread and groceries at Tesco before tea and coffee at Costa Coffee where we ate breakfast.

Not many clientele early in the morning

No wonder they wanted to protect Prague from the Nazis and surrendered quickly

Beautiful artwork

Deserted street
Home for a rest before heading out again at lunch time. Visited the Kafka Museum which was a bit weird. He was a weird, but gifted individual.
Charles Bridge is pretty crowded at lunch time

Outside the Kafka Museum
Across the road to Svetje pub/restaurant for lunch. Miky ordered an extra serving - a plate of cheese. Stinky cheese, it was. And not good tasting. I will remember that distaste for a long time. Couldn't even finish it.
Looking back at Charles Bridge
Crossed the river and found the Old Jewish Cemetery - the other day we were at the back of it. They only accepted cash and seeing as I wanted to preserve my Czech crowns I paid in Euro. They gave me a poor exchange rate. And they charged for photos.

Interesting display of religious objects and the cemetery itself was something else. It seemed disorganised and ad hoc. There was a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust with all the names of the Czechoslovak Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis. So many names on the walls (nearly 80,000).
Inside the Jewish Museum


Some of the names of the Jewish Czechoslovak Holocaust victims - Kafka stands out

Impressively done and poignant

The Jewish Cemetery in Josefov

The oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe

And probably the most haphazardly organised

No room to get in

Part of a series of pictures depicting a Jewish burial ceremony

Some of the items used in a Jewish burial ceremony
Later in the evening I attempted to change some money as cash was low. My exchange business that treated me so well before was closed. A couple of other money exchanges were open and offering no commission but rate of only 12.65 and 14.01 Czech crowns to the Aussie dollar when the real rate is 18. Rip-off merchants. Bought a quesadilla for dinner. Tried to call our host, whom we still hadn't met, but my mobile wouldn't connect. He did receive my text message though and responded.
Summer crowd


Iris Flavia said...

Beautiful houses indeed.
And such a sad, long list of names.
Hmmm, a quesadilla - now I get hungry (and our Tres Amigos is no more!)...

Hammy said...

Not designed to make you hungry. That said...

Anonymous said...

Wow man you lead the glamorous life.Party on. Wow thanks for sharing. Radical!!