Friday, August 07, 2015

Europe Holiday 2015 - Day Four

Balcony breakfast again. Why not? Lovely way to start the day. Wandered around the Old Town to see the Astronomical Clock and the Square. the markets near the Municipal Building and Powder Gate were not open. Visited the Mucha Museum - this man did some amazing work for his country.

Astronomical Clock

Holidaying couple in the town square

Outside the Mucha Museum (photos inside were not allowed)
 Back into town and found another market. Looked at every shop before deciding where to buy souvenirs from. Miky purchased a coin purse after the owner was too busy on his mobile to look after us initially. He gave us the wrong change nearly didn't give us our purchase. Perfect chance for me to use a Czech swear word that I know. And I certainly did.

Markets in the town centre
 Had lunch at an Italian restaurant. The waiters couldn't understand that we didn't want to buy drinks, especially as it was a hot day. Well, we were interested in having a drink elsewhere. Afterwards I found the Old Jewish Cemetery but it appeared to be closed.

Astronomical amount of tourists later in the day around the Astronomical Clock
 Headed back to the area where we were staying to buy some drinks at Costa Coffee. Then shopped for clothes in Tesco. All American style as nothing else was suitable.
Love the carefully looked after buildings
 Back home for a rest for a few hours before walking along the river to Vysehrad. It was about 30 minutes walk away without stopping for photos. So, it probably took about 45 minutes to get there. Reasonable view of the city but the buildings look nicer from street level as the rooftops aren't that attractive.
Drunk building alongside the river
 Loud music and drunk people partying on boats tied up along the river. Miky commented that with such a beautiful city she was surprised that they couldn't write decent music. Back home around 10:30 pm.
Is this the Venice of Eastern Europe?

Rooftop view isn't that attractive

Couple above the Vltava River
 Quite a nice little walk around the old ramparts, ruins, whatever. Lots of people having picnics, drinking straight from the wine bottle, and enjoying themselves. Lovely weather for it too.
Ruins at Vysehrad overlooking the Vltava River

Looking over the Vltava River to the castle
 Wandered around the cathedral waiting for the lights to take affect. The nuns were watering the plants in the cemetery. Dvorzak is buried here, you know? Too late to walk around the cemetery as it had closed quite a bit earlier.
Cathedral at Vysehrad

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Iris Flavia said...

That clock really is amazing! Wine from the bottle, oh, my... I still wonder what the dude in Transperth was having from the wrapped up bottle...