Sunday, August 09, 2015

Europe Holiday 2015 - Day Five

Up at 6 am for breakfast on the balcony before walking up to Pražský Hrad (Prague Castle). Saw a lady driving with her exhaust pipe dragging which fell of at the next set of traffic lights. Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) didn't have many tourists and none of the art sellers at 8 am. It's a little more attractive because of that.

Nice morning to take wedding photos. Only Asians were doing this.

Nice view of Pražský Hrad early in the day

Best time to see Karluv Most

Not busy in town just past the bridge either
Steep walk up to the castle and we arrive at 8:30 which was half an hour before any of the buildings were open to tourists. Bought tickets, first in the door actually, when they opened at nine o'clock. St Vitus Cathedral was closed for a service until 12 pm so we toured St George's Basilica. Delightful building. And we were first tourists to enter so it was not crowded and quiet.
Castle was undergoing some renovations

Inside St George's Basilica

Looking up at St Vitus Cathedral
Had a gander a the castle building and the story behind it. A few old relics but the great hall was fab. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos inside. Looked at the Golden Lane with some maintained houses, little shops, armour and weaponry on display along with a torture room. The Rosenberg Palace wasn't worth viewing.
Small shops on the Golden Lane

Some armoury on display in the Golden Mile
The lineup, 40 minutes before opening to the public, for St Vitus Cathedral was huge. Went looking for somewhere to eat and drink. Left the palace grounds and crossed the road to Garden Cafe - too hot, too expensive and staff too idle. Across the road was Starbucks that Miky had read about and she was really keen to try. Nice sandwiches, tasty coffee (so she said) and nearly full of Koreans taking the best spots. Oh, and numerous screaming babies too.

Had lunch outside the castle. Top view from atop Starbucks.
Back to the castle and I returned the audio guide before joining Miky for a look inside St Vitus Cathedral. Magnificent. Gorgeous stained glass windows and displays. Awesome. Holiday highlight.
Stained glass window inside St Vitus Cathedral

Inside the cathedral

Splendid pulpit

Extraordinary stained glass windows
Garden walk was pretty boring. Except for an American tourist getting told off by a well-armed guard for sitting on the grass.
Keep OFF the grass!
In the town below we bought a gelato to eat. Great chance to wash my face as it was a hot day. Quite a few paddle boats out on the river. Pasty Brits soaking up the sun?
Soaking up the sun on the Vltava River
After a short rest at the apartment we went to the Old Town and found the tourist info, finally. Did lots of shopping - dishes and clothes before having dinner. Nice walk around the streets in the evening. Concert for the 600th anniversary of Jan Hus in the Old Town Square but it was just finishing. Had a chocolate waffle was as tasty as Nutella on cardboard.
Evening view of Karluv Most and Pražský hrad

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