Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Review - Walking Free by Munjed Al Muderis with Patrick Weaver

My wife decided that I would enjoy this book and bought it for my birthday. So, I've had it for a while. Recently I decided to read it and knocked it off in all of five days. Riveting book. Obviously the assistant writer introduced many colloquialisms as I seriously doubt that an Iraqi has the same sense of humour as we Aussies.

I learnt quite a bit about Iraqi culture, differences in religions, how good life in Iraq used to be, the horror of the Gulf War, the barbarity of Saddam Hussein, and gained a new found respect for refugees, especially boat people. Perhaps part of that respect is down to the fact that he's now a world-famous orthopaedic surgeon and not a blight on society though.

Life in a detention centre is not for the faint-hearted and I'd hate to think if I could put up with what he did for a new life in a country that was not so welcoming. Thought that some areas of his life and experiences were glossed over, particularly his second marriage, but it does make for a great read. I'll be recommending it to my son to open his eyes a little.

Walking Free by Munjed Al Muderis with Patrick Weaver

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You got that right Hammy.Loose lips sink ships. Have a great week.Marry