Thursday, April 26, 2012

Telemarketer's Question Answered Promptly

Got a call from a telemarketer yesterday - a public holiday. After going back and forth with "Hello?" a couple of times she asked me, "Can I speak to the owner of this phone number?"
This struck me as a very strange request and rather impersonal so I responded with, "No" and hung up.
If you don't even know who you're calling just make sure it's not me. Sounded dodgy like they were going to ask to change my phone service provider or similar.


nic nie warte czytania said...

cool blog, zapraszam na moj
lubisz transformers?

Anonymous said...

Can they have a side of Hammy with that?? lol Harry

Iris Flavia said...

Maybe you sound like a 4-year-old kiddo? ;-) Just joking, but that might be a good reason for such a question!

Memock said...

I used to always say sure, just wait a minute while I go and get them. 30 minutes later I return and hang up the phone. I say used to because now that I don't have a landline I don't get those calls anymore.

Marius A. Jessen said...

Those are doing a scam thing a telemarketing which offering a lot of services.