Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lack of Respect or Lack of Self Respect?

Disappointing meeting in a car park with a stranger today. The missus and I were walking back to our car when a reasonably well dressed women went out of her way to approach us.
"Would you have three dollars that you could give me?" she asked.
"No, sorry." I said.
As she walked off she said, quite loudly, "That was f$%#ing rude."
So the missus and I yelled back with, "Yes, you were. Why do you just expect us to give you money? Do you know us?"
Her retort was, "Go back home." Obviously directed at my wife.

Unfortunately all I could think of in return was, "Go back to jail" when I really should have said that I obviously pay her Centrelink benefits so why should I be expected to give her money as well. It wasn't as if she looked homeless but she certainly sounded like a smoker/drinker.

Was it a lack of respect or lack of self respect? The nerve of some people. She fully expected us to give her the money and was shocked when we refused.


Iris Flavia said...

Right, come over here and meet the Punks. Beer-bottle in hand, filthy all over they come real near and ask for euros. If you refuse, sometimes they swear at you. Right in the heart of the city, I´m so fed up by them. Get up and work, I´d like to say.

Anonymous said...

You have family to support. How dare her. Maybe she should be more frugal. Does she really need that fancy outfit to starve? Gilligan