Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aussie Telemarketers Are Ruder

Few days back I received a call from someone at "Premium Finances". I wasn't interested in what they had to say but the lady who rang was an Australian. Go forward two days and another call.

"Hello, is Mr Frugal Bastard at home please?"
"This is Warren Whatisface from Premium Finance Services in Brisbane. How are you this afternoon, buddy?"
"I'm fine but I don't appreciate being called 'Buddy'."
"Oh, I'm sorry," Warren apologised.
"You know, you're rather informal for someone cold-calling from a so-called finance company," was my indignant response.
"This isn't a cold call. You're on a list.... beep, beep, beep."

Arsehole. He hung up on me. That's what my missus finds with Aussie telemarketers also. I checked out the company online and they do have an office in Brisbane. According to their Website "At Premium Finance Services, we take the wealth creation principles and tailor them to suit our client’s individual needs, circumstances and financial goals. So far we have been able to show more than 1200 families how, given the correct financial structure and the correct wealth creation vehicle, they can be well on the path to becoming self funded retirees."

Gee, if they've shown over 1200 families only why are they branching out from Brisbane, although they have an office in Melbourne also, and coming over to Perth. I would have thought that the local market wasn't saturated just yet. I'm not expecting too many more calls from them.


Anonymous said...

Just say No he moved this is Mr. Beat your Arce goodbye. ha ha

Hammy said...

I'll have to try that someday.