Thursday, January 06, 2011

Nearly Got Into Trouble Today

On the bus ride home this afternoon some six youths, aged about 12-14, got on the bus and headed to the back seats. They were very loud and quite uncouth. No need for that sort of language in public. I was sitting there reading my book with my bag in the vacant seat next to me. A short while into the trip and one of the little punks moved to the seat behind me and proceeded to put his hand over the seat in front of him and near my bag. Well, I stopped reading but kept the book in front of me but watched him out of the corner of my eye. He pretended to carry on some conversation with his mate but I'm sure he was just waiting for an opportunity to try to knock off something from inside my bag. And I was just waiting for his hand to touch my bag as I would have smashed his fingers against the window and then quite possibly have grabbed his wrist to put a lock on him and cause him some real pain.

After we passed the stop before mine I put my bag on my lap and pushed the button to tell the driver that I wished to alight. My suspicions regarding the boy's actions were pretty much confirmed when I moved my bag and he immediately changed seats to a position further back. His voice sounded a little pained also. As I tagged off I just stared at the boys to see their faces and to let them know that I understood their little game. As the bus drove past all six were staring at me and three of them gave me the bird. Need any more proof that they were up to no good?

Damn, I wanted to smash that little punk. Trouble is he has to make the first move. And I really don't know if they have any concealed weapons. The cops won't bother doing anything unless they have actually broken the law. Blind Freddie could see that they had the intent. He's got it coming to him some day though and he's certainly headed down the wrong path. Bit of gang mentality evident but there are so few followers - all these idiots behave stupidly for some reason.

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Anonymous said...

I had a bag stolen, a gun stuck to my back for money and more and then I got tough. I bought a stun gun and a courier back that will strap around my neck plus sit in my lap. I know I get pissed and want to shoot these people but, you just have to be aware and try not to let it happen but, when they do have a weapon I do not have a choice that is why my stun gun stopped it all. Good luck and be safe. Gil P.S. I had some Aussie lamb and it was ok. It kind of tastes like chicken. They should spice it up a bit.