Saturday, January 29, 2011

Devastating Floods Hit Perth

Cyclone Bianca just passed by. She dumped a bit of a rain. Don't worry about the floods in Queensland or Victoria. We've been affected by devasting floods right here in Perth. Where it doesn't rain during summer. Oh the humanity!

Take a boat with you when you cross a flooded street (just in case).

Ok, so the cyclone is still out to sea and likely to cross the coast south of Perth but we have a heavy shower whereby the airport received 20mm of rain in about an hour. Most of it came down in the first 20-30 minutes. Perth itself only received 7.8mm. So we must have gotten somewhere in the vicinity of 15-20mm where we are and just take a look at the devastation. Don't forget us in Perth when it comes to handing out the flood levy money Gillard!


Anonymous said...

Be safe Hammy and take care of you plus yours. Gil

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