Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trip to Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea - Jan 27th 2010

Bit of a sleep in this morning. No rush as Disneyland doesn't open until 10am. The MTR trip took about 45 minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui to Disneyland and we arrived at 10:30. The Disneyland train is themed in a very cute manner. The exchange voucher issued by Flight Centre caused no issues and was exchanged for tickets very quickly.

Disneyland train

Nice decor on the Disneyland train

Themed handles too

Couple of excited kids at Hong Kong Disneyland

Welcome to Disneyland

Fountain in front of Disneyland entrance.

Upon entering Disneyland I was surveyed for my whereabouts, age, number of previous visits, was I staying at the hotel, etc.

Disneyland entrance.

We walked through Main Street USA and looked at the merchandise. Quite reasonably priced I thought. Caps were HK$100-$150, watches HK$150-$195 and polo shirts HK$180.

Tomorrowland entrance.

Fantasyland entrance.

First ride was the Space Traders indoor roller coaster in Tomorrowland - check the park map. Miky was so worried that she closed her eyes for much of the ride. This is not recommended behaviour for such a ride if you suffer from motion sickness. We followed this with Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which I won.

Not busy at Space Traders roller coaster. Yet.

The Space Traders roller coaster building.

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters building.

Wandered to Adventureland and took a raft to Tarzan's treehouse. Bit boring actually. Then over to Fantasyland, inside the castle, for a 3D movie at Mickey's Philharmagic. This was great fun and we even got wet. Have to watch Avatar in 3D after seeing this. Next was lunch. Nice setting in the eatery. Took the train ride around the outskirts of the park and it turned out to be one of the most boring and pointless things to do at any amusement park I've been to. And the guy who fell asleep next to me would have to agree I reckon. Miky had seen enough by this stage and wanted to do a little more shopping before heading back to the Ladies Market in HK. The High School Musical street performance went by.

Adventureland entrance.

Tarzan's Treehouse.

Waterfall at Tarzan's Treehouse.

View from Tarzan's treehouse. Unfortunately it's the best part of Adventureland.

The Boy and Tarzan.

Fantasyland off in the distance.

Another view of Fantasyland castle.

Beautiful decor.

Restaurant decor.

Crowded restaurant. Not badly priced for a theme park.

I don't see this look catching on.

The missus does the look better.

Cool kid.

Train ride view was like this much of the time.

A critic of the train ride as an amusement.

Interesting topiary.

High School Musical street performance.

The Boy and I alternated between Space Traders and Astro Blasters for the next couple of hours. The roller coaster provided you with a preview photograph after each ride so that you could purchase if you wanted to. I saw someone else take a photo of their photo and as nobody protested this behaviour I decided that it was not a bad idea. We quickly worked out that the best position for a photo was at the front of the first car. We managed to obtain some good poses and as there was no need to to buy the photo it worked out well. Not sure if it was nine or ten times that we rode the roller coaster but it was good fun.

Space Traders roller coaster photo.

Couple of posers on the roller coaster.

Space Traders roller coaster - 'nother photo.

Bit busier at Space Traders roller coaster - later in the day.

This ride has the power to make wheelchair-bound people walk again.

Riding the Orbitron.

The Boy scored 999,999 and reached level 7 at Astro Blasters to beat me. The next go I managed the same score. Champions together.

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters top score.

When it was time to leave the Boy wanted to ride the Dumbo ride but it had broken down so we had a go on the carousel instead. We followed this with the Mad Hatter's Tea Cup ride which was great fun but I was a bit dizzy after that. Ate some caramel flavoured popcorn which was yummy. Checked out the goodie bags but weren't sure about buying them for HK$100 for a lucky dip value of HK$230 worth of three or four items. We watched other people but very few purchased and nobody opened it near us. After buying The Boy a cap we decided to try the lucky dip with what money we had left. It contained a HK$130 cap, a HK$45 pen and a HK$120 baby Mickey Mouse stuffed toy. Not bad value after all (enter "It's a small world after all" music here).

Tongue has to be at just the right angle.

Mad Hatter's Tea Cup ride.

Disneyland entrance by night.

Fountain by night.

Fountain by night but in a different colour.

Left the park at about 6:45pm. I decided that we should visit SOGO again for dinner and I had okonomiyaki, noodles and octopus balls whereas The Boy had salmon sushi. Finished just prior to 8pm in time to see the laser show on the harbour at a very crowded Avenue of Stars. Back to the courtesy bus and the hotel.

Hong Kong harbour by night.

Hong Kong harbour by night - a bit further down to the right

Laser show on Hong Kong Harbour - 8pm each night.

The aliens are coming.


Anonymous said...

Great job Hammy. You have really made a wonderful life for yourself and your family. We are so proud. Cool glasses too. Keep up the good work and have fun!!! Go Hammy!!! Wow.

Iris Flavia said...

FUN FUN FUN, huh :-) ?

Hammy said...

We had a good time and quite a bit of fun. Pity that HK Disneyland is so small but winter is a good time to visit, and during the week, as the crowds are bearable.