Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little More Blood At Taekwondo

Last night my first sparring partner was a second dan blackbelt. He was young, Asian and very fast. Just the type you look up to but don't enjoy sparring so much as it is difficult to land anything on them. Soon after the instructor said that those wearing gloves could put hands to the face he punched me in the mouth and drew some blood. The bugger.

Next opponent was a much taller second dan who was interested in me getting my feet moving properly and set his body up to receive some kicks. The kind of bloke who is training the lower belts. Nice.

Third opponent was a third dan blackbelt. He looked angry. When he gritted his teeth I could see that he had more blood in his mouth than I did. I thought that I had better look out. Well, I copped another punch to the face quickly followed by a kick to the ear. I was thinking, "What have I done to deserve this? I'm only a yellow belt and he shouldn't be treating me like this?" That kinda made me a bit annoyed actually. I spoke to him after training finished by asking him ,"Who do I have to pay back?" and he was quick to apologise. His previous opponent had smacked him in the mouth and he hadn't had enough time to retaliate. Ok, I would have lost a lot of respect for him if he hadn't apologised but as this guy is also an instructor he should not have taken out his frustration on me. That revealed a lack of discipline.

Just wait till I get fitter, faster and better at my technique. Just wait. The list of people on the hitlist is growing.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch Mrs. Wifey better fix that all up. Hopefully she is still not mad at your admirerers. Better luck next time. She better spoil Mr. Hammy and the boy. Smiles.