Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just How Warm Is It?

It was supposed to be a reasonably warm day today. At lunch time a group of us go for a walk around the lake. One of the guys asked, "What's the temperature?" I looked at the Bureau of Meterology's Website and it said currently Perth was at 24.9C. He was a bit surprised at that and I guess he wouldn't have been in the mood for a walk if it was too hot.

We stepped outside the building and you could feel the sun and almost drink the humidity. It felt a lot warmer than 24.9C. I commented that it was probably warmer than that when I was walking to the bus in the morning. As soon as we returned from our walk I checked the Website again. The current temperature was 36.5C. That's more like it. And further investigation revealed that it was 25.3C when I was walking to the bus stop earlier that morning. So my assumption was correct.

Did I read the temperature incorrectly earlier or had there been a glitch? Either way, the body is a reasonable indicator of the actual temperature.


Anonymous said...

Like that song I'm hot blooded check it and see. I got a fever of 103 ha ha ha. Keep your temp just right.

Iris Flavia said...

The body is an amazing thing :-)

As your temps, here it´s sadly minus 2C, gahhh.

Anonymous said...

Oh no is Hammy still getting everybody hot? Wifey is gonna be mad.