Friday, February 27, 2009

Disaster Averted - House Saved

With the Victorian bushfires recently, and still today, there have been hundreds of homes lost. Thousands of lives have been disrupted. I'm glad to report that disaster was averted yesterday in the Frugal household. Yes, the Internet connection was reinstated without bloodshed.

I went to use the computer last night and check the football score for a match in progress. Oddly the page wouldn't load. I had been checking my emails so I knew that the Internet connection should be made. After resetting the modem and still not being able to connect I started to wonder. Then I realised that The Boy had had three friends over from school and they'd been running around playing guns, etc. I looked at the extension cable for the modem and for some reason the plug on one side was sticking out a bit further than the other side. Pushed it back in and hey presto. We have Internet. Disaster averted.

The disaster would have occurred when my missus went to use the computer and couldn't check her Websites. She doesn't like computers much and when they don't work she would have gone ballistic. Little bit of a temper, has my wife.

Phew. That was a close one.


Anonymous said...

Over 200 dead is too much. I hope they get those jerks that did this and they pay. What a tragedy. Life without the internet would be hell. Damn it. Have a great day. Good post. Annette

Anonymous said...

Good for the house but, geez what a disaster!!