Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arsonists - Time To Reinstate The Death Penalty

Temperature 44-47 degrees celsius. Middle of summer. Winds up to 100km/h. Countryside bone dry. Perfect weather for the arsonist to ply his trade.

A couple of days later and 181 people lay dead with a death toll expected to reach 300. This is the greatest loss of life since the Ash Wednesday bushfires which claimed 75 lives. I seem to recall seeing the smoke from those fires as they weren't too far away.

Not all of the deaths occurred due to arson but police suspect that there could be 30 people has died as a result of one arsonist-lit fire alone.

It's quite senseless. And so is the fact that anyone found guilty of lighting a fire deliberately and causing loss of any life is not able to be put to death. I don't think there is a place in our society for these people and we should not have to pay anything to maintain them in jail, even if it is for the rest of their life.

Bring back the death penalty. It won't bring anyone back but the arsonist certainly won't have the opportunity to ruin anyone else's life.


Anonymous said...

Fry those bastards in the chair. They put so many people at risk and ect.. Those assholes.

Iris Flavia said...

Agreed. Rudd brought it to the point calling it mass-murder.

Just what sickos are out there? What are they thinking? Do they think at all?

Anonymous said...

It may be thier insane religion. They believe what they are doing is right. Sociopath bastards killed at least 189 so far. May they rot in a hell fire shit heads!!