Thursday, July 30, 2015

Europe Holiday 2015 - Day One

Dropped The Boy off at the airport this morning as he was headed to India for three weeks with World Challenge. Hoping that he has a difficult time in a third world country and comes back to appreciate what he has in Australia. Put in a hard day at the office before heading home for dinner and last minute panicking, er packing.

We left about an hour earlier than usual because there was a customs officer strike during the day and we expected this to lead to some delays. The taxi driver was an Indian chap. On the radio we had, "Die Yuppie Die". No trouble reaching the airport.

Suitcases - 13.4kg and 11.8kg. This will be important once we reach day 20 or so.
Bye bye winter, hello expensive summer
Couple of teas before we got started. No swab test for bomb residue - surprising. Normally get asked to do this. Wasn't pleased with the way the security guy slammed the missus' bag which contained her tablet. Only waited for one family at border protection/immigration so the strike didn't have much of a knock-on effect.

Airbus A380 - big, luxurious, USB power. Emirates serves really nice food, except for the carrots, and the entertainment system is fabulous. Could do with noise-cancelling headphones though. Watched Avengers - Age of Ultron and Kingsman. Only one screaming baby and that didn't last long.

Just in case I'm asleep when they serve the next meal


Iris Flavia said...

Sounds like a good start.
And for your wishes to your Boy: Yep. I had to work three weeks in a food factory, day- and nightshift, with a flu, after a holiday.

I appreciate my job in IT for sure!

Hammy said...

Struggle is always a means for improving a species’ health and power of resistance, and therefore a cause of its higher development.

Anonymous said...

Good job.Rude tablet slammers be sure to tell them not to do that.Freada lol