Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boycott Bali?

Bali, Indonesia. A place where my wife suggested we spend our honeymoon. I've never been and have never had the inclination to visit. Until recently perhaps.

Bali is well known for being a place where bogans and yobbos from Australia hang out. They get drunk, do drugs and behave obnoxiously. Not all Aussies behave that way, I might point out. It's a destination that is cheaper than visiting other capital cities on the mainland and the rules seem pretty lax so it is the dregs of our society are attracted to it, naturally.

All visitors to Bali are warned about the trafficking of drugs and the death penalty associated with such activity. As has been well publicised a couple of stupid Aussies were executed recently in Indonesia for their role in a drug syndicate after having been caught 10 years ago with their drug mules and 8.3 kg of heroin they were trying to import into Australia.

The do-gooders in this country rallied behind them, and the Australian government provided quite a bit of support during the appeals process, but they were executed for their crimes, according to Indonesian law, nonetheless. Now they are calling for us to "Boycott Bali". Really? If that stops all of the yobbos and druggies visiting Bali then perhaps it will become a nice, clean place to visit. Even an attractive place to visit. I might have to reconsider my stance.

By all means, boycott Bali. Make it a better place for respectable people to visit safe from the influence of our uncouth and uncultured.


Iris Flavia said...

Now I´ve never been to Bali, but is it really nicer and cheaper than say... Broome, Darwin or such?
I get your point, though, same here with Mallorca & Co.

Hammy said...

These places get a bad rap because of the low-level clientele they attract.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you better spend a few more bucks to avoid the junkie scene lol Have fun.