Thursday, April 30, 2015

Six-Word Short Story

My son mentioned to me today that in English they had been studying six-word short stories. This style of writing has, rightly or wrongly, been attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

Or so the story goes. Some examples that his class came up with, or found on the Net, are as follows:

- Sorry soldier, shoes only in pairs.
- You are a failed artist, Adolf.
- Life is hard. Concrete is harder.

It got me thinking. Dangerous, I know. Here's some I came up with:

- Short sentence. Jailed for one day.
- Bali executions. Got their just desserts.
- Verbose people can't tell short stories.
- Nepalese life - I shudder to think.
- I cut a long story short.
- Memory loss. What was I thinking?
- Most vampires are nasty little suckers.
- My stomach is like the TARDIS.
- No single rooms in love hotels.
- No light bulb moments before Edison.

Think of any you'd like to share?

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Funny take care Hammy