Sunday, March 09, 2014

Don't Dump In My Suburb

Took the dog for a walk with the missus last night. As we were approaching a small lake nearby we heard a large splash. Then two guys walked out from the lake area, one with a mask on his face, and they looked a bit surprised to see us. At that time we noticed a ute parked next to the lake and we waited until the driver started the vehicle and for him to turn his lights on so we could identify the rego details. Even though it was dark he didn't turn the lights on and drove off without his lights. Very suspicious behaviour.

Called the ranger at the local council straight away to report it. Then we wandered around in the direction where the ute had been driven to see if it was a local. Caught up with someone that I knew and he had seen the ute during the day but not in the last 10 minutes. And he remembered the yellow wheelie bin on the back - same detail we noticed.

Headed back to the lake and by this time the ranger was there. They had received a second call and the other caller had captured the number plate. Couldn't see what had been dumped but I guess it doesn't really matter what it was. What good reason does anyone have to dump something in a public lake under the cover of darkness?

About an hour later, as we finished our walk, I received a text message to say that they had identified the dumpers. Excellent. Don't dump in my suburb, buster.


Susan Ham said...

Well done, everyone!

Hammy said...

The missus was really annoyed by that behaviour. It's lucky that she didn't find them herself. Lucky for them.