Sunday, August 18, 2013

Short European Trip - Second Saturday

Breakfast after 7, out and about around 8. Headed to Schlossberg first. Saw that there were 260 steps, built by Russian POWs, to negotiate. Ugh. Splendid view of the city from Uhrturm (clock tower). Some history here - Turkish well, Chinese pavilion, stable bastion, Bell Tower, five wells, Hackher Lion, newly discovered gate, etc.

Bell Tower

Wandered through a shopping area next to the Rathaus, made it to Glockenspiel in time for the performance, unfortunately the mausoleum was closed, saw the cathedral, Hofbäckerei Edegger-Tax (too expensive, Landaus Courtyard and had a general look around town for souvenirs.

I love the way almost all of the bells in the city start chiming at the same time. Interesting graffiti and even rock climbing alongside the Mur river. The Murinsel is one weird place. Graz township is built for bikes but with it being a university town that's hardly surprising. Grabbed lunch from Spar as I only had 14 euro left.

Spoke to the missus on Skype. Charged my camera again. Decided on the 3.5km walk to Schloss Eggenberg although the State Rooms were closed for winter. Would've been great to have viewed this private residence with 365 windows. Could still view the park and the courtyard. Very interesting and peaceful place. Slow walk back in the rain as I was tired. Grabbed some cabannosi, potato chips and chocolate for dinner. Yum. Uploaded photos after dinner. Biggest surprise for the day was seeing some Pakistanis with a cricket bat.

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Anonymous said...

Great Photos Hammy. You are looking sharp. Give my love to the Misses and that wonderful boy of yours. Way to go. Hanna