Sunday, July 14, 2013

Short European Trip - Sat

Awoke at 4:30 but waited until five before getting up. Rang the missus who was at taekwondo with The Boy. Checked online for when the sunrise was which was due at 6:30 - in only 33 minutes time. Got dressed and headed up the mountain to Slavín - a monument erected in honour of the 6845 Russians buried here who died whilst liberating the city from the Germans. The sunrise was nice and I was a bit puffed when I reached the summit. Timing was great. It is a lovely memorial.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped at Enjelikovsky Cintorín (Angel's cemetary) at Cintorín Kozia Brána. Interesting how several generations of a family are often buried together.

My hands were frozen by the time I arrived back at the Hotel President. Had a rest before going down for breakfast. Decent feed.

Took a look at the narrowest dwelling in Europe, at 130cm, next to Michalská brána (Michael's Gate) before heading down to the bus station at Most SNP (SNP Bridge) - previously Novy Most (New Bridge).

Arrived about a quarter to 11 and had to wait until 11 for the next bus. Still waiting at 11:40. Waited until 10 past 12 and had the realisation that the bus wasn't running today although that isn't what the timetable said (Note: Checked at the hotel later and the buses were supposed to be every 30 mins). Started walking down the road to the next bus stop when I probably should have walked about 30m in the other direction instead. Waited at Chatam Sofer stop. A number 28 bus came about 10 mins later and took me to the town of
Devín. Some tourists got off at the first stop in Devín but I waited until three stops later which turned out to be the castle, Hrad Devín, entrance, after a short walk.

Only Euro 1.50 entrance fee. The castle ruins look fantastic from a distance. Quite interesting up close and the signs for English speaking tourists are very good. Saw some American girls that had been waiting at the bus stop back in Bratislava so I spoke to them and surprised them somewhat as they hadn't realised that I was able to understand their previous conversation. Ha ha. Spent about one and a half hours at the ruins and walking along the river. Thought I had another hour to wait for the bus so walked down the main street looking for a bistro but didn't find one. Went back to the castle as I knew that there was a shop open there. Ordered an inferno pizza for five euros but only needed a drink as I was thirsty - bit of false advertising. Back to the bus stop and only had to wait 10 mins - got a seat this time.

Wandered back to the hotel after checking out the souvenir shops. Checked emails and Facebook. Bed by 7pm as I was knackered.


Iris Flavia said...

Now who did fall into some time-gap? Snow, are you kidding me? Is Volkswagen your customer, too? Any tipps on how managing the long journey Europe-Perth?
Wait, I still have to feed my camel...

Hammy said...

You'll notice that I haven't dated this trip - it was at the end of winter but I've been a bit busy to blog about it. I'll finish it off eventually. Just in time for the next holiday I suspect. What's this about VW?

Tips to manage a long trip. Firstly, travel from east to west and then you only have to stay up a bit longer so jetlag isn't so much of an issue. If travelling west to east I'd probably aim to arrive around lunch time and then stay up until 7 or 8pm. Make sure that you get up early the next day though.

Don't forget the camel.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I arrived on your blog but I enjoy your manner of storytelling.

Hammy said...

Thank you Anon.