Saturday, June 01, 2013

Short European Trip - Fri

Up early checking emails, bread and cheese/salami for breakfast with a big cup of tea. Could get used to that. Took Michal's youngest son to school, dropped off his skis in Stupava, where Janette Husarova used to train, so they could be sharpened. Few more errands to run. Visited his parents who are both elderly but live at home. The basement had water in it as there had been lots of snow this year and its melting had caused some problems. Came back for lunch where we had a very sweet pasta which looked like a dumpling. Gave his mother some mugs with Australian birds on them - she looked after me quite well when I visited back in '95. Their dog was very timid at first but once he became comfortable with me all he wanted to do was shake hands. Funny that they keep the gate locked, not to keep the dog in, but to keep people out.

Sweet dumplings

Me tucking into the sweet dumplings

Also visited Marianka which is a religious site. So cold, lots of snow, and the place looked beautiful.


Off to the golf course - Golf Club Pegas, Lozorno. Only four holes were playable as the course had been under snow until a couple of days ago. Hit a bucket of balls on the driving range. Cold, only 3°C. Time to play - partnered with Patrick against Miro and Peter (Petko). We played a competition for the best score and best summary for each pair for one point each. Scores were tied at the end of the match so we played again. Patrick and I won so Peter and Miro had to buy the tea/coffee.

Driving range

Golf Club Pegas, Lozorno

Bunker filled with snow

Don't fall in at the 9th

Picturesque green at the 9th

Didn't get to finish my tea before we had to go home for a quick bite and find Michal's dog who had gotten out. We drove around town and I found him near Michal's parent's place. Dropped some mugs off for Miro's parents as well before heading back to pick up the skis and get dropped off at Hotel President where I would be staying. Hole no. 9 is 268m and I had to take relief from the road in front of the hole with one of my drives - so I hit it about 250m off the tee. Like the clubs that I borrowed. Had one shot out of the snow in the bunker and put it on. Peter nearly fell in the water on the 9th at one stage.

Enjoying a winning tea after the game

Checked emails, sent some photos to the missus and went to bed very tired after quite a fun day.

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