Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reward For Rabbit - Keep It Real, Frank

Saw this posted on a wall nearby my house this morning. Then saw it plastered all over the walls where the guy lives and on his car.

Open message to Frank - my observations:

 - Perhaps your girlfriend is too materialistic - it's only four months old afterall. How can you become that attached to a small pet in that time?

 - Two thousand dollars reward - are you insane? I wouldn't pay any more than $100 for it.

 - Plastering this picture all over your wall at home and on your car with such a ridiculous reward value is only making yourself a target for thieves.

 - Your girlfriend might be a tad overemotional.

Keep it real and don't make yourself a target. Others living in the same area don't need more reason for burglars to come and pay a visit. Do hope you find the rabbit soon and remove your notices. How about I spend $50 ~ $100 to buy something very similar and claim the reward?

Ridiculous Reward for Rabbit

1 comment:

Hammy said...

The signs were taken down when I saw them yesterday. Has Frank gotten his balls back, been robbed or found the rabbit?