Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cottesloe Beach - Sculptures by the Sea

What ya gonna do when the mercury hits 41.1C? Head to the beach, that's what. I think that half of Perth had that idea today. Luckily we managed to get a parking spot close by but it was certainly more good luck than good management. Otherwise we would have been stuck in traffic for the next quarter of an hour. They really do need to put a freeway running past the beach to deal with the number of vehicles.

The Boy had a go on his boogie board and had a great time. There was an exhibition on, Sculptures by the Sea, and there were some interesting pieces on display. Man, the beach and surroundings were busy. The queue at the fish and chip shop was horrendous. Glad we'd already had our tea.

Jupiter and Venus were out - almost together in the sky actually. I even spotted what I initially thought was a flare until I realised that it was moving far too quickly for a flare. It was a meteor in actual fact. Took a few photos of what was going on and we had some drinks too. Lovely way to spend an evening.


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Iris Flavia said...

Aww, lucky you! The beach is over 3 hours away (by car), the water cold and rather icky.