Sunday, February 26, 2012

Relaxing With A Nice Chainsaw

Last weekend was pretty busy what with all the shopping, work, dog visiting the vet for a booster shot, cleaning, etc. Now, the question was "How should I relax?" Late on the Sunday evening I found the answer. With a chainsaw.

You see, I had a couple of dying pine trees in the backyard. Time for them to go. And the axe wasn't doing it for me. Not with my office monkey hands anyway. Too many blisters. And the pine trees were quite hard wood too. So, I bought myself an electric chainsaw. Took a few minutes to assemble and then we were ready for business.

Talk about a hot knife cutting through butter. So easy. And so relaxing. I understand why farmers are such cool, calm and collected types. They all own chainsaws. So there I was, late on a Sunday evening, ripping into two trees. Firstly cutting them down and then cutting them up. Strange language is English at times. In no time at all they were all cut to bits and the backyard looks heaps better. And I'm a much more relaxed and contented human being.

Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better with a chainsaw in your hands.


Anonymous said...

Yep but what are you going to to with those dead trees? Firewood or something or just compost. Good day Hammy!! Charlie

Iris Flavia said...

... until you chainsawless neighbours turn up (maybe with an axe or two...)

Hammy said...

Well none of the chainsawless neighbours have come over to borrow it or ask me to help them out so it's OK at the moment.

Iris Flavia said...

Can you come over and cut down the stupid pine tree right in front our livingroom window then?

Hammy said...

Cover my airfare?

RealExams said...

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