Sunday, October 30, 2011

Errors and Error Messages

Any programmer worth their salt is aware that an error message should be informative and not confusing to the user who is going to experience it. And everyone who uses the Interwebs knows that error messages aren't all that informative on occasion. I've come across a few of late so thought that I'd share them.

A gigantic error occurred - you don't say?! Isn't that informative?

That message wasn't composed very well in terms of HTML being translated into text.

Just a little bit too exacting with the market depth methinks.

When does an object refernce not refer to an object? Didn't help me get the game score in an AFL match earlier this season.

Generic_tf - WTF?

1 comment:

Iris Flavia said...

Haha!!! Will suggest the "A gigantic error occurred" at work, too :-)

No, really, huh? It´s funny and let´s users know there are ...occasionally... also "real people" behind the scene who have to try and find the problem...