Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fast Eddys - Not So Fast (Or Accurate)

Shopping the other day at Carousel we walked past Fast Eddys Cafe. The missus noticed that they did some breakfasts there and so this morning we decided to head there for brekkie. Our weekend eat out meal. Not normally something we do for breakfast as it's either lunch or tea.

The young girl who took our order didn't seem switched on. When I ordered the scrambled egg special she informed me that I could have scrambled or fried eggs. I repeated that I wished to have scrambled eggs and then she proceeded to write and say that she was taking an order for fried eggs. Not a great start. Then I told her that the missus wanted a coffee. "Will you be ordering any drinks?" she asked.
"No, just the coffee please," I said.

When our meal was nearly finished, my missus was fuming as her coffee hadn't been delivered. She found the waitress and asked her about the coffee to which the response was, "What coffee?" Apparently she had a choice of black or short white which had not been mentioned at the time of order. The girl hadn't even included the coffee in the order. When it was finally delivered she didn't even apologise.

A little bit later the duty manager wandered over to ask if everything was OK and so we told her that her waitress needed to switch on. She offered not to charge us for the coffee and to provide some complimentary drinks which I declined. When we left to pay the bill the duty manager took over the register and did not charge us for the coffee or the pancakes that I had (the eggs were for the missus). I said that the food was great but the service hadn't been and that the girl needed to be spoken to. I was assured that she had already been spoken to. She apologised and said that there was new waitstaff and you have to start them sometime, even when it's busy, for them to learn. Hey, I'm fine with that. She just needs to learn from it as she didn't seem too interested.

Sometimes it pays to complain. My missus is one who suscribes to the motto "Give me coffee and no-one gets hurt". Still, I'd go back for the food. We'd just avoid the waitress.


Anonymous said...

They are not paid or educated very well. That is sad. Better luck next time. Gill

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, boy. Hope you exaggerate (a bit)! Even if not well educated or paid... which indeed is sad... especially in the Service-Niche (huh, service!) you need to pull yourself together. And be glad to have a job.

Great you give them a second chance, though :-)

Susan Ham said...

As your Grandpa would have said, can't complain about the service, cos there isn't any.

honkeie2 said...

I am not one to complain often, i dont like confrontations. But I have done it a few times when the service was really really bad. But then again I usually just leave out of fear them spitting in my food lol

Hammy said...

Honk, it's best to complain after you've finished eating in that case.