Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bit Wet

Strange weather we're having. They're playing tennis at Wimbledon yet it's wet in Perth. Surely all the rain is supposed to be concentrated in postcode SW19 5AE at this time of year.

It was still dry when we went to training last night but was pouring before we'd finished. One family wanted to borrow my umbrella so that they could get their car and bring it to the training facility to pick up the kids. Only problem was that the umbrella is slightly damaged and is very difficult to close. Another family member had to run out to the car to retrieve it and got rather wet in the process. Whoops. Tried to help out but was a little unsuccessful.

Driving home I remembered that the council depot always has the entrance flooded with the tiniest bit of rain so I took a different route. The water where I went was still up to the sideboard height on vehicles. I even saw one person pushing their car in the rain and through the water.

The missus and I went for a walk last night to inspect the nearby roads. She has gumboots and I don't so she enjoyed herself a bit more. We received 2" of rain, which was quite a decent drop, so it's understandable that there was a bit lying about.


Anonymous said...

Stay dry. Cute photo. You should get you some gummy boots too Hammy. Gill

Susan Ham said...

Please spell check BEFORE posting.

Hammy said...

Ha! Spell check wouldn't have picked up the spelling error. I've fixed it up but tried the spell check which didn't spot the obvious mistake. Quite funny when you think about it.

Iris Flavia said...

I hate floods. Though... it was a flood that made us move in together. I speak of harmless floods in Germany, though... Floods in general are bad. No matter what shoes you´ve got. Hope I spelled good? ;-)