Monday, April 20, 2009

Fishing Expedition to Woodman Point

The Boy had been bugging me for a while to go fishing. And those adds on telly with cheap fishing tackle and rods don’t help either. What he doesn’t realise is that $25 for a rod isn’t much but you require the tackle box, hooks, sinkers, buoys, bait, knife, cleaning board, lights, lures, etc. It all adds up rather quickly. Best thing is to find someone that has all of this gear.

Well, good friends of ours have this gear and offered to take us. I bought the bait and they provided all the gear. Two dads and two sons plus a couple of onlookers. We visited
Woodman Point which is a popular spot. Quite popular. There were quite a few people there even though it was Sunday evening and the sun was setting as we arrived.

The kids showed us up a bit with the first fish and then The Boy caught the next three. My first fish, hooked through the eye, was too small and had to be thrown back. I did remove the hook as gently as I could first though. It was another two and a half hours before I caught a skippy that was just big enough to keep. By this stage The Boy had caught five fish but had to throw two or three back. My friend caught a couple of decent size taylor and they should provide good eating.

Champion Fisherman with his first fish.

Not too many fish on offer but there were two dolphins, a seal, a cuttlefish, a crab and lots of prawns on display. The dolphins hung around for close to an hour. On the way back from the jetty I spotted five rabbits in the park. Quite a bit of wildlife around actually.

At least the kids, and the adults, had a good time. Next time I won’t be wearing the same clothes. They’ll be closer to the rag variety.


Anonymous said...

Congrats WOW Annette

Susan Ham said...

Well done, grandson! Have you eaten any of the fish?

Anonymous said...

You are such a cheap skate! If you look around you can buy fishing kits. They come with a telescopic rod with reel, hooks, sinkers and lots more. I recommend 'jarvis walker'. They are fine for jetty fishing and cost about $30-$40. Well done Yu-jin!!

Hammy said...

They tasted just like a bought one. Yummy. Five hours work for $10 worth of fish though.