Monday, June 18, 2007

David Jones Should Advertise Sales Better, Myer Could Price Match Differently, Frugal Bastard Needs To Be More Careful

As I mentioned in the previous post we planned to go shopping in the city. Myer was our preferred destination as this time of year, end of the financial year, they generally have pretty good sales. The Stocktake sale is apparently on on Wednesday so we wanted to see if there was anything we were interested in that could be bought later at a significant discount. As we are MYERone members we're entitled to attend a preview of the stocktake sale and still receive those discounts. Found a nice business shirt that I would put my birthday money towards.

Popped over to David Jones. Miky had had enough of us so we went to the toy section and she did her thing. I'm not too impressed with David Jones' selection of toys and we had a good look around. There was a Hot Wheels race track for $40 which looked ok. It was only several minutes later that I noticed DJ's had 20% off Hot Wheels products. They didn't advertise the fact very well. Just before Miky called to say she had finished I spotted Monopoly - The Here and Now Edition. It was marked as $36.95. Now Myer quite often do ok on pricing so we wandered over there to check. They had it on sale for $39.95 so I asked for a price match. Then I noticed that they had the Australian edition whereas DJ had the UK edition. As it wasn't the same version Myer wouldn't match the price. Pity, I had a Myer $20 voucher to use. Headed back over to DJ to purchase the cheaper board game. To my surprise it cost $25.86. DJs were having 30% the board games and not once did I see it advertised. Miky explained that people who shop at DJs don't necessarily care if it is on sale or not as they have a different mindset to Myer shoppers.

Moral of the story is thus: David Jones should advertise their sales a bit better, Myer could change their price match policy (they were essentially the same games except one was the Australian version and the other the UK version) and the Frugal Bastard had better be more careful price matching as it nearly cost him a saving of over $11.

Yu-Jin and I spent a bit of time playing it last night. I think that he is hooked already.

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